Newholme Farm Peafowl

UK Breeder of Java Green, Indian Blue, Blackshoulder, White, Cameo, Bronze, Opal, Peach, Pied, Silver pied, White eye and Purple peafowl and peacocks.

I'm one of the larger specialist peafowl breeders in the UK, and breed most of the main colors and patterns of Peafowl and have one of the most comprehensive selections of peafowl colors in the UK.


Pairs 2015 of Indian Blue, Black Shoulders, and Pieds prices from 75 per pair, spare Hens 65 each

Cameo pairs 600

Peach pairs 700

Purple Pairs 400

Burford Bronze pairs 700

Silver pieds POA

Pied Burford bronzes 800

Indian Blues male 15 each

Also available

Java Green peacocks 2014 200 ea

Buford Bronze Males 2014 POA

Blackshoulder Opal Males 2015 POA