Newholme Farm Peafowl

UK Breeder of Java Green, Indian Blue, Blackshoulder, White, Cameo, Bronze, Opal, Peach, Pied, Silver pied, White eye and Purple peafowl and peacocks.

Please visit these other wonderful sites on pheasants

Allandoo Pheasantry  excellent site for many pheasants and care sheets

The World Pheasant Association  brilliant site for anyone interested in Galliformes

Pheasantry de rooie Hoeve great site, based in the Netherlands

Pekin Bantams stunning community site mentions pheasants on occasion

Pheasants UK Great site selling many pheasants

Practical Poultry fascinating forum with plenty of tips for beginner

Monnridge Farm lovely collection of many different species

Townsends Ornamenatal Pheasants, Peafowl & Poultry  based in the south of England        

Roul Roul website  based in the Netherlands, in dutch but google translate allows it too be read, although with weird english

Tragopan Website in English although I believe the site is from Belgium. The definite site for all things Tragopan.

Wolfgang Mennig in English, German Site from the expert on Green Peafowl.    

 Friedrich Esser first hand observations on wild green peafowl in Thailand

US poultry forum has large active sections on Peafowl and pheasants, unfortunately mainly in the US, but good husbandry is universal so well worth a read

US site on ALL galiformes extremely useful summery on virtually all Galiformes, plus exotic waterfowl, cranes and exotic pigeons that can be kept in aviculture, there is also a forum on these birds.

If anyone is interested in me including their site in links just email me your details!