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Indian Blue Peafowl and color mutations

Care sheets will be available when I write them, though I have no idea when!

Golden Pheasants

One of the easiest pheasants to look after, extremely beautiful and elegant this is a pheasant that is rarely absent from even the most serious keeper especially as pure Golden pheasants are relatively rare due to their ability to hybridise with the Lady Amherst pheasant and produce fertile young. These pheasants are cable of surviving outdoors in runs through our winters with minimal shelter. While these birds can be kept several hens to a cock is it wise to ensure their aviary contains plenty of cover as aggression can occur in the breeding season. These birds will lay multiple clutches if the eggs are removed.  They are capable of hatching and rearing their own young however if this is attempted care must taken to ensure the mother is not disturbed, as in the early days following hatching she is cable of "running " the chicks off their feet in an attempt to find an area she feels secure!

more on golden pheasants to follow.....

Lady Amherst

An extremely easy to look after and hardy pheasant, beautiful and elegant the Lady Amherst is a joy to behold. Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to find pure Lady Amherst as hybridization with the Golden has tainted virtually all bloodlines to some degree, also a degree of artificial selection has led to changes in feathering from the wild type increasing the difficulty in finding any remaining pure bred birds.

More on Lady Amherst to follow....